Course Details:

Writing for Impact

Audience: Anybody who needs to use writing to get their message heard - MPs' staffers, comms teams or individuals in charities, NGOs, or businesses. 


Does your job require you to be a master wordsmith? Do you want to be able to write speeches that the audience will still be thinking about weeks later? Perhaps you need to produce regular and thought provoking blogs or op-eds to get your message out there? If you need to use excellent writing skills in order for your work to have an impact, then this is the course for you. 


Our trainer is Paul Richards, a former special adviser to a government minister with over 20 years' experience. He regularly trains individuals and organisations in the UK, but has also delivered courses in Tanzania, Kenya, Pakistan, Ghana, Croatia, South Africa and Iraq. 

The course will be very interactive and participants are encouraged to bring real world examples relevant to their own professional situation.

This course covers:

  • News releases: how to write them and how to get them published

  • Speechwriting

  • Opinion pieces or 'op-eds'

  • Blogs

  • Tweets and other social media posts

  • Promotional materials 

Who this course is for:

This course is open to anyone, regardless of their political affiliation, and we anticipate a politically mixed audience.

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Writing for Impact
09 Jul, 10:00 BST
Writing for Impact – Online Training