Course Details:

How to stand for Office

Audience: People interested in standing for public office


If you are an aspiring politician who wants to help make a difference and represent people at a local or national level, this course will help you maximise your chances of selection and election. Standing for office can be tough on partners and families, but it can also be great fun and friendship forged on the campaign trail often last a lifetime. Learn from our trainers who have a track record of running campaigns for councillors, AMs and MPs who have been elected to local councils, regional assemblies and the House of Commons. 

This course covers:

  • Raising your public profile 

  • How to use social media 

  • Building your campaign team: the jobs you need to fill and who should do them

  • Campaign finance rules and electrical law: what you can and can't spend money on and how to keep accurate records 

  • Recruiting volunteers and using them effectively

  • Managing party machines: how to deal with political parties and hierarchies 

Who this course is for:
This course is open anyone who is considering standing for office, regardless of their political affiliation, and we anticipate a politically mixed audience.

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