Engagement and Social Media Skills

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December 9, 2022
December 12, 2022 13:00

Online event


Comms teams




Communications professionals working for businesses or charities


MPs' staffers




People interested in standing for public office


About the course

Engagement is crucial in politics, and there are so many opportunities online. Anything, from local issues to the back and forth of Parliament to daily life and experience, can be used to make connections.
Don’t know where to start with the fast-paced online world? The digital world has spread out - Meta, Twitter, Instragram, Tiktok and more - and a strong grasp of the digital landscape has never been more important. If you want to get the most out of connecting to your online audiences, join us for this expert-led course and learn the rules of engagement. We offer a skills-based session with lots to learn and applicability to any part of Westminster life.

This course will cover

• Engagement and Social Media Basics

Learn the foundation of what works and what doesn't, from content design to picking your targets

• Research and intelligence

Use of social media ‘listening’ tools and understanding  your audience

• Campaign planning

Strategy vs tactics

• A Week in the Life

Learn by doing; plan a social media strategy for an up and coming MP

• Evaluation Metrics

What are the best measures of your success

• The Digital Future

What areas of innovation and change should you monitor? What will be the next big thing?

Our expert trainer(s)

Jonny Ball

Jonny has run campaigns at every level, including local, National and European elections. He has been the agent to a current Secretary of State, and around 600 local council candidates; the advisor to a local authority leader, and is a specialist in multi-layered campaigns management, from traditional methods that you’d expect in an election, with an intimate knowledge of election law, to more sophisticated techniques such as podcasts and video content creation.

Jonny has delivered digital campaigns and created engaging public relations initiatives that have connected and stuck, such as using the creative arts to engage with anti-semitism, to a handcraft campaign that has helped children in both Afghanistan and Syria. 

He has also served in both the UK Armed Forces as an Intelligence Analyst and as an accredited trainer, as well as a career within the Civil Service, where he ran an industry engagement unit at the MOD.  He is a well-respected figure within the veteran’s community, including the setting up of a pioneering not-for- profit campaign that works cross-party, aimed at getting more members of the armed forces to engage with politics. 

Who this course is for

Comms specialists, charities, anyone who wants to integrate social media into their work, and campaigners of all sorts

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