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Parliamentary staffers for Lords and MPs


About the course

Democracy deserves a a diverse set of staffers in our political system; party insiders and politicians’ relatives shouldn’t get first refusal on roles. Whatever your background, we can help you understand your strengths and development points.
At Westminster Skills Centre, we want a diverse set of staffers in our politics, and don’t think party insiders and politicians’ relatives should get first refusal on roles in Parliament or constituencies. We know that seeking and interviewing for a new role can be daunting. Whatever your background, we can help you understand your strengths and points for development. Book in for a 1-1 chat with experts who have extensive experience of working in Westminster.

This course will cover

• How to find roles

• CV clinics 

• Interview practice

Our cross-party network of expert trainers includes former and current parliamentary advisors, office managers, MPs, caseworkers and journalists, who are perfectly equipped to help you prepare and prioritise. 

We know Westminster is a small place, and it can be hard to ask for advice or support. All discussions are confidential, and our trainers are discreet and understanding. All our training covers best practice across political party divides, but we can match you with an expert from your own political party if you wish.

Our expert trainer(s)

Who this course is for

Anyone with an interest in planning and plotting your career.

Contact us at for more information and to book your session.

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