IPSA, and how you use it

It's important to use resources responsibly.

IPSA (or the independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, to use its full name) has oversight of Parliament and regulates business costs and expenses.

Training is an expense like any other - and so IPSA lets MPs claim costs for their staff, "provided it is training that will support staff to carry out the running of the constituency offices and other parliamentary functions."

The IPSA list (which can be found here), includes but is not limited to:

  • Office skills
  • Dealing with handling difficult casework
  • Training that covers a specific subject area that arises in policy work, correspondence or casework
  • Training to support wellbeing at work such as vicarious trauma training
  • Team-building training
  • Any other training that is relevant to enable and support staff to carry out their jobs

Westminster Skills Centre prides itself on relevant and informative training which covers many of these areas at once. You can therefore claim any and all of our courses back on the IPSA training and wellbeing budget.

Besides our standard courses, much of the coaching we offer also covers these specific areas. You can therefore rest easy knowing that this can be costed into your funding.