Course Details:

Guide to Digital Campaigns 

Tuesday 3rd August and Friday 8th August 2021, 0930-1230

Audience: political staffers, professionals working for businesses or charities, campaigners

Don’t know where to start with the fast-moving world of digital campaigns in your sector? Whether your audiences are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and podcasts, a strong grasp of the digital landscape has never been more important. 


If you want to get the most out of connecting to your online audiences, join us for our Guide to Digital Campaigns held over two morning sessions.


This course will cover:

  • Campaigning Basics: what is digital campaigning and what can you use it for?

  • Marketing Basics: where do campaigns sit within the marketing funnel and engagement landscape?

  • Research and intelligence: use of social media ‘listening’ tools and understanding your target audience

  • Campaign planning: strategy vs tactics

  • Engaging Content Design: what tools are available to empower you?

  • Targeted Campaigns: ads vs organic content

  • Evaluation Metrics: what are the best measures of your campaign’s success

  • The Social Future: what areas of innovation and change should you monitor?

Our Expert Trainer 


Jonny Ball

Jonny has run campaigns at every level, including local, National and European elections. He has been the agent to a current Secretary of State, and around 600 local council candidates; the advisor to a local authority leader, and is a specialist in multi-layered campaigns management, from traditional methods that you’d expect in an election, with an intimate knowledge of election law, to more sophisticated techniques such as podcasts and video content creation.

Jonny has delivered digital campaigns and created engaging public relations initiatives that have connected and stuck, such as using the creative arts to engage with anti-semitism, to a handcraft campaign that has helped children in both Afghanistan and Syria. 

He has also served in both the UK Armed Forces as an Intelligence Analyst and as an accredited trainer, as well as a career within the Civil Service, where he ran an industry engagement unit at the MOD .  He is a well-respected figure within the veteran’s community, including the setting up of a pioneering not-for- profit campaign that works cross-party, aimed at getting more members of the armed forces to engage with politics. 


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Guide to Digital Campaigns
03 Aug, 09:30
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